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Banana Cocktail Recipe

Follow Bar Director Shawn Lickliter’s cocktail recipe for the Banana cocktail which infuses flavors of banana, cinnamon, and nutmeg with tequila.

2 oz Spiced Banana-Infused Tequila*
1 oz House Lime Cordial
.25 oz Honey Syrup

Combine all ingredients and shake with crushed ice pebbles. Strain into a Collins glass with crushed ice. Garnish with sliced banana and grated nutmeg.

*Spiced Banana-Infused Tequila
1000 ml Tequila Cabeza Blanco
4 ripe Bananas
2 Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks
1/2 Nutmeg

Sous vide all ingredients for 2 hours at 165*F. Strain through a coffee filter.