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Special Mezcal Tasting: El Jolgorio

Join us on July 11th, 2016 for a special mezcal tasting with El Jolgorio. 

  • -7-9pm
  • -$25 per person (includes tastes and small bites)
  • -Led by Petty Cash Bar Director: Matt Wagner with Special Guest Asis Cortez from the El Jolgorio family
  • -Rare opportunity to taste new varietals of the collection in the United States
  • -Call to reserve: 323.933.5300


More on El Jolgorio…
Six generations of the Cortés family have been producing mezcal in Oaxaca since the 1830’s. Today, they curate three distinct lines of traditional mezcal from ten palenques (distilleries) throughout the Vallés Centrales region. An exploration in terroir, Nuestra Soledad is a collection of six unique, single village, small batch mezcals produced from cultivated Espadín agave.

El Jolgorio is a varietally designated collection of thirteen mezcals distilled from responsibly harvested, rare, wild, and semi-cultivated agaves. From harvest through distillation, each step is guided by hand and the final spirit demonstrates the unique artistry and expertise of each maestro mezcalero (master distiller). Every expression of Mezcal El Jolgorio and Nuestra Soledad is made in the centuries-old, traditional way; smoke roasted in earthen pits, wild fermented and distilled twice in hand-hewn copper stills.

Each bottle is inscribed with the species of agave, the palenque, the village of production, the name of the maestro mezcalero, and the batch, lot and bottle number in order to fully connect the drinker with the land, people, and plants at the heart and soul of their mezcal. Asis Cortés is the sixth generation of the Casa Cortés family of mezcaleros. Based in Santiago Matatlán, Asis’ father and uncles distill expressions of EL Jolgorio as well as their namesake brand, Agave de Cortés. They have also created a collective of families throughout the region who share the family’s goals of preserving mezcal tradition and culture, through sustainability, education and community. In addition to being an owner and ambassador for the families, Asis is responsible for the beautiful design of the labels, packaging, and artistic direction for Casa Cortés.